Erasmus+ PWs@PhD Project: international schools in Software Engineering

Pathways at PhD

The PWs@PhD project focuses on Software Engineering discipline that has the same core as Computer Science. The overall aim of the project is to support the development, modernization and internalization of software engineering higher education in the target countries while helping also EU countries in strengthening their PhD programs and them making more attractive for international students. The project will create an opportunity to build and offer a sustainable multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and multi-region, multi-institutions, and multi-perspectives program for educating the next generation of software engineering professors.

The PWs@PhD project develops a strategic network, a program, and a framework for education in Software Engineering. All the partner universities have specific expertise in different areas that the program will make available for all the other partners in the project. In practice the proposed program is structured in 7 development work packages. Each WP details 2 week intense school organized at different universities roughly every 6 months.

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Math and Computing Foundations of Software Engineering

"Math and Computing Foundations of Software Engineering" school is one of 7th schools are being held through Joint Programs and Framework for Doctoral Education in Software Engineering. This School will be held in South Ural State University and Ural Federal University from 15th to 28th May, 2017. The school will contain next courses:

Workshop "Innovative Approaches in Computer Science within Higher Education"

The workshop is conducted as a part of the international school “Math and Computing Foundations of Software Engineering”. The workshop topics cover all aspects of software engineering education:

  • Advanced Software Engineering Methods and Tools
  • HCI/Human Aspects in Software Engineering
  • Management, Business, and Economic Concerns of Software Engineering
  • Model and Modelling in Software Engineering
  • Math and Computing Foundation of Software Engineering
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Lead organizations of School "Math and Computing Foundations of Software Engineering"

Schedule of the School

PhD students and staff will get knowledge on deep understanding of:

  • Methods and organizational principles of engineering of modern distributed software systems using microservices architecture on a basis of containerized cloud platforms;
  • Application of the mathematical methods in software engineering;
  • Modern technologies of database management systems which can be beneficially used in Software Engineering;
  • Main challenges of cryptology, description of the principles of public-key cryptology and digital signatures;
  • Methods and fundamentals of organization of scientific and everyday activity;
  • Methods, algorithms and software to discover hidden knowledge from data involved in Software Engineering.

Required software 

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Information about the School