Master Degrees

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science of South Ural State University provide the following Master degree programmes in English:

Database Technologies

The program in the Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technology field (Database Technologies major) aims to prepare MSc in a field of database design, administration, and development.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the MSc are highly demanded in a wide range of technical disciplines. You should be equipped to pursue a career in areas such as: distributed and parallel DBMS, information systems, high load web systems, enterprise management systems, digital collections, corporate DBMS, data definition languages, software engineering etc.

Program Outline

  • Distributed object technologies
  • Distributed and parallel programming
  • Advanced technologies of DBMS development
  • Advanced technologies of software development
  • Data mining
  • Neural networks
  • Unix/Linux administration
  • Management of high performance computer systems
  • Engineering computer modeling

Internet of Things

Within "Internet of Things" master programme you would learn key aspects of the Internet of Things technology, including the IoT infrastructure design, application of cloud and mobile technologies for the development of IoT solutions, methods of IoT data gathering and analysis and cybersecurity aspects of IoT.

Program Features

Students would be able to study the cutting-edge IoT solutions from the leaders of the market. The education and project work of the students would be provided using the facilities of such Laboratories of School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science of SUSU as "Samsung IoT Academy", "Emerson PlantWeb", "Kaspersky Research and Education Center", "Smart Home Lab", etc.

Students of the programme would be able to participate in research activities of leading international research laboratories of South Ural State University, including the Problem-Oriented Cloud Computing Environment International Laboratory in such fields as:

  • Resources scheduling and planning for IoT support in cloud and fog computing environments
  • Research and development of Digital Twins cloud solutions
  • Research on cybersecurity aspects of IoT
  • Application of cloud computing systems for smart cities

Career Prospects

The graduates of this programme would be able to work as engineers, software developers, IT architects and team leaders in the companies, who provide solutions in such fields as "Internet of things" (including "Smart Homes", "Smart Cities" etc.), IoT data analytics, computer networks, communications and embedded systems. Our graduates successfully work in world-leading IT companies as Microsoft, Google, Yandex, Intel, Sberbank, Airbnb, Facebook, Kaspersky Lab.

Program Outline

  • IoT infrastructure, including communication protocols, end-devices architectures, sensor devices
  • Methods of IoT data gathering and analysis
  • Distributed systems, cloud and mobile technologies for the development of IoT applications for industry and home appliances
  • IoT cybersecurity
  • Entrepreneurship and logistics information systems
  • IoT-systems simulation methods
  • Situational recognition and decision making
  • Interdisciplinary Project