SUSU Partners with Kaspersky Lab to Establish Science and Education Centre

Chelyabinsk, March 27, 2017 – Kaspersky Lab Science and Education Center (SEC) «Information Security» is to be opened at SUSU. The Center opens on the basis of School of Electronics and Computer Science, SUSU; its work will focus on providing security of information systems, including information security of key government installations.

“This project creates new opportunities for providing information infrastructure security to enterprises and organizations of the Ural Region. It is no secret that our region is rich in key, high-tech production enterprises of the defense sector, including Rosatom and Roscosmos. In the modern world, it is impossible to imagine the governance of such companies without the application of Internet Technology, which requires a special approach to providing the information security. Our specialists’ participation will enable companies and enterprises in the region to conduct the software audit, reveal the existent vulnerabilities, and then upgrade the system to meet the modern requirements”, – states Dmitry Postelnik, Kaspersky Lab Director for Education Programs.

The SUSU-Kaspersky partnership aims at joint multidisciplinary research projects in the field of information security. This will set tasks to every research direction at the University related to IT, radio electronics, and industrial control systems. PhD training in the Center will help the University to educate the young generation of scientists who can conduct research into the methods and systems of information security.

Another important direction of SUSU-Kaspersky cooperation is providing training for specialists in the field of information security. This will add impetus to the development of such disciplines as “Network Security”; “Information Security in Open Systems”; “Protection of Information in the Internet”; “Computer Virology”; and “Modeling of Information Resistance to Information Security Threats”. Apart from that, the cooperation will give the opportunity to implement a new master’s degree program “ICS Cyber Security”.

“Kaspersky Lab Science and Education Center at SUSU offers us the possibility of developing and implementing new education programs and research. Using the best anti-virus software and analyzing ICS cyber security, we will be able to provide IT security specialist training at the world-class level”, – believes SUSU Rector Alexander Shestakov.

These days, information technology has become ubiquitous; it is now changing every aspect of people’s lives, societies, and states. Graduates of School of Electronics and Computer Science will gain a significant competitive advantage in the job market with their knowledge of Kaspersky Lab software products.

“For more than 14 years, South Ural State University has been offering academic programs in the field of information security. During this time, 10 classes have graduated and more than 500 specialists trained in this academic program. The special feature of Information Security specialist training has always been its practical orientation. As a result, our graduates have headed the industry. For example, Andrey Bryzgyn, our Information Security graduate, holds the position of Head of Audit and Consulting in “Group-IB” (Moscow) and he is an expert on information security on RBK TV channel. Our graduates specialize in information security in many banks in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, and Chelyabinsk. SUSU Information Security graduates head the relevant departments in government structures, FSB licensed and FSTEC licensed companies”, – notes Alexander Sokolov, Head of Department of Information Security, School of Electronics and Computer Science, SUSU.

Kaspersky Lab Science and Education Center will enable SUSU graduates to develop news methods of resistance to the emerging information security threats and protect the national interests in the information environment.

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